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  • December 27, 2016. We're back with our last update of the year. Please take the time to look around as we've added, changed, and tweaked. More details on the News page.

Hello from the Texas Hill Country and welcome to This is my personal website and most of the content is written by yours truly.

I used to make music and write songs. I still do—but now I spend time writing books and making photographs as well. And I use two names: Fredy Argir (since 2001) and Fred Argir (before 2000). So my creative endeavors over the last sixteen years have been as Fredy. More about my multiple personalities in THE BIO section.

The purpose of this site is to provide a forum for my music and my novels, stories, and poems, so the BOOKS and MUSIC sections are pretty much the ballgame around here.

You may have noticed we have a NEWS section and this area is updated frequently. It has the latest in music, writing, publishing, and photography-related news.  You'll also find info about site developments, studio activity, imminent projects, illicit sightings, and anything deemed newsworthy or even close to relevant by our crackerjack editorial staff. This page should be your first stop when you arrive here.

The READING ROOM is downstairs, located right below the BOOKS section on the menu, and it features excerpts from some of the books mentioned on this site.

Editor's Note: If you're new to my writing, it might be best to start with my more recent stuff and work your way back. As I've aged, I think I've lightened up. In many ways, the same is true for my songs.

This site is also focused on photographs and images, excuse the unavoidable pun. The PHOTOGRAPHY section is organized by gallery. Some of them are running collections and are updated on a monthly basis. Others are one-time outings.

There are a couple of other areas of the site that may be of interest, including THE BIO and BLOG 505. The blog is a collection of articles on a wide variety of topics. The motto around here is, "Blog first, ask questions later." You're invited to respond and make your voice heard if you are so inclined.

And regarding THE BIO, the industry-standard, three-paragraph biography is not anyone's favorite literary format but I gave it a go in the interest of full disclosure. 

We've also included some instrumental music to enhance your browsing experience. The Lake 505 Jukebox is located at the bottom of the red section on every page, and you can adjust the volume of the music there as well. And while we're talking about Lake 505 stuff, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter. You can do that at the top of the red section.

And yes, there is a convenient CONTACT form. A copy of every incoming comment comes to my desk and I reply when appropriate. A good joke is always welcome, too. Or a hot stock tip. If I bought stock. Which I don't. Anymore.

Don't miss the LINKS OF DISTINCTION page. These are in no particular order but could make for some interesting browsing. Which sounds like a grade of livestock feed. "Interesting browsing: For medium to smart cattle." But it's worth a look—there's some good stuff here.

The last option on the menu is the MUSIC section. Here you'll find the latest in music news/events and our free download area, which has been a popular page. Some new titles were added this month.

Welcome again to from our Hill Country studio high above Deer Creek. Make yourself at home and if you don't see what you're looking for, please use the CONTACT form to let us know what's missing. We'll appreciate it.

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