Fredy Argir

January 17, 2018 (Dripping Springs, Texas): Another sunny afternoon in the Hill Country. It's January. Not much happening.

The Musical Humor page has been quite well-received so we've been adding to it. You can also find the link to it under the Music drop-down menu (in the Table of Contents, to the left)

Let me remind you again about Beth Williams and her cool radio show: Beth is a first-class songwriter, guitarist, producer, and singer, and her creative output is amazing. She is a true original and a self-professed "Bohemian Hippie Cowgirl." Every time I hear about all she's doing I come away with a major guilt complex. Her focus and energy should be an inspiration to everyone in this crazy business. She now has an excellent Internet radio show that emanates from her studio in Colorado by way of a New Zealand radio station and it is broadcast locally on KFAN FM107 Texas Rebel Radio; I go to the KFAN website and listen to it streaming live. She features Texas and Colorado songwriters and more.  For info and showtimes, click this link to go to Beth's Facebook page

I'm still with Oat—Onward, thru the fog...



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