Fredy Argir

November Exits


Oak leaves falling like red and brown snow

Dividing a Texas fall into several sections

From objects to statements, oh here we go 

Dividing the crowd by their level of intentions


Someone’s trying to filter clean and easy and free

Someone’s trying to round the Cape of Good Choice

Someone’s trying to respond to the wrong thing to be

Together they make one large and jaded voice


It’s time to take a stroll down Film Clip Row now 

It’s time to show the evidential face 

It’s time to take a stand and skip directly to the source 

It’s time to decide who to keep and who to replace


Send the carrier back to his station

The general store has reopened once again 

Pass on the offer, but with a considerate reaction

Go shopping for messages, or marching for men 


November exits short of breath but with some glory

The North Winds walk and talk and they tell a different story

They say the girl will soon be carried

The brown will come around

 They say that immigrants will refuse to be ferried

And Italians will abandon their town


All across the fire-flied lawns of Texas

You can just see the colors when the red raintrees fall

It’s their legendary season

It’s physical, but it’s still a rational stall


 November exits short of breath and in a hurry 

Wearing a grim expression filled with mission 

Wearing the mask of a merchant selling inevitability 

Missing sincerity more than her


Oak leaves falling through the middle of the night

Now look who’s calling the riddle right 

December draws a long, deep breath

 November exits


 Oak leaves falling like rusty brown parachutes

 Falling like days in a year

 November, it’s good to see you again

 To be able, alive, and here


 Fredy Argir

Austin, Texas

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© 2019 Fredy Argir. All Rights Reserved.