Another New Site Goes Live

I've had four websites on the World Wide Web spanning the past twenty-five years.  This is the fifth.  Everything has come a long way in a short time. On the other hand, the vast majority of users still think the World Wide Web and the Internet are synonyms.

I am a serious nerd. I graduated from the bulletin board (BBS) generation to the Internet in 1988. In the early Nineties, when I had in Austin, I wrote shareware and posted it on my modem-connected site. I wrote a blogging app before there was blogging. I got into the software biz in 1992 and hardware in 1995, when I went to work for a well-known local computer manufacturer. I spent a total of eight years as a technical writer in the emerging computer industry.

In 2000, my friend Smitty and I spent a month traveling around Alaska and I managed to post our trip updates to my site every night via telephone line. The website before this one, same URL, lasted for a dozen years, and its main purpose was to cover the musical bases and provide information about my products. Through those years, was also a place for my photography. In that time, we have gone from developing film and scanning slides ($$$) to the digital age, a huge transformation. I do believe there is still a role for thoughtful photography to play in this modern age of zeros and ones even though the newest cameras require a pilot's license to operate.

I'm also switching hosts after fifteen years, which gives me a smidge of the willies, but the new provider is a proven entity, so let's hope that's a transparent transition.  And times have changed—keeping a few servers up and running isn't rocket surgery anymore.

Yes, we're into the new digs, and so far, so good, but if we've missed a detail or two, please let us know.

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